Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur

The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur - interesting article from New York Times

In my opinion, there's no reason for anyone to NOT start a business, if you're interested. The costs associated with starting a business are almost down to zero. Need a web site? Need incorporation and business documents? Need a server? Need marketing? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Linked In. Need professional number? Need a swanky office address and part time office space? Try

What prevents people from launching a business is perspective, fear and lack of drive. Desperation can fuel success. Or at least motivation. When I meet entrepreneurs with amazing and sometimes ludicrous ideas, I never discourage them. Why? Why should I? The market (and timing) determines success.

I view entrepreneurship as a casino: You'll never win if you don't play. With the current "new normal" economy, coffee shops are filled with freelancers and cash flow positive businesses. From my time in Boston and recently Austin, the new normal is alive and kicking. From food trucks to dog walking, to personal assistants, to software services, there's no longer any reason NOT to start a business....

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